Cinderella Gown Exhibit

Engineered & Built by Sparks

Fixture Design. Days before Cinderella’s gown from the 2015 live-action film was to be displayed in JCPenney’s Manhattan store window, it was discovered that at 7.5 feet, the diameter of the dress was twice the depth of the deepest window. I was called to figure out what we could do.

Partnering with various groups (Store design, Construction, Procurement, Marketing, Vendors, District &¬†Store Level Management and Execution teams), I decided an 8′ display cube, in the open landing area in the Manhattan Mall, was the only¬†feasible option. In order to meet the deadline, the cube was engineered using aluminum, off-the-shelf framing parts and standard 4’x8′ sheets of 1/2″ acrylic.

Engineered and built by Sparks